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Georgia TD Training Seminar

  • March 22, 2014
  • 8:00 AM
  • Callaway N166 at Emory University


  • this is training for GCA volunteer TDs to learn more about the pairing software WinTD.

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Georgia TDs,

Suhasini Sundar and President Fun Fong have been planning a second TD training Seminar. The GCA has invited NTD David Hater to lead discussion primarily on essentials of being a Floor TD. There will be other instruction regarding using WinTD.

There will be a morning session for newer TDs and an afternoon session for TDs with some experience. Both sessions will have basic and advanced information on WinTD. At the end, we plan to have four simulations of tournaments using data from real tournaments.

Participants should have previewed the WinTD videos on this website:

Please register in advance for this free training.

Participants should have a reliable laptop with at least the trial version of WinTD preinstalled. We will be running on a precise and tight schedule and delays with equipment will cause a delay in our didactic schedule. Participants should arrive at Callaway N166 at Emory University by 8am for the start of the session. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.

Feel free to ask about specific topics or questions that you would like covered in this class. The syllabus has not been finalized yet, pending confirmation and refinement by NTD COL David Hater.

GCA TD Basic Training Seminar

Callaway Memorial Center,  room N116 at Emory University, 537 Kilgo Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322

22 March 14 – 8am-12pm, 1pm-5:30pm ALL Participants should have 1)  a working laptop, 2) version of WinTD loaded, 3) sample tournament file loaded, and 4) should be able to access the USCF TD/Affiliate area before class.  Class will be much less meaningful without the above prerequisites!

New TD Session

8:00-8:15a: Welcome/Introductions

8:15:8:25a: The TD Career path/Requirements - Fun Fong and David Hater

8:25-8:40a: Philosophy of being a TD – David Hater

8:40-9:15: 20 most common floor TD calls – David Hater/Others

9:15-9:30a: Essentials of Pairings

9:30-10:00a: Essentials of Prize Distributions-Scott Parker’s Youtube Video (20 min) Plus a Handout/ outline.

Break 10-10:15a

10:15a-11:00a: Computer check for WinTD, tournament file loaded, and access to USCF TD/Affiliate area

11:00-11:10a: Video  1 –  WinTD Downloading and Using the USCF ratings database

11:15a-11:25a: Video 2 -  WinTD – Creating a tournament file/ Importing

11:30a-11:40a: Video 3 – WinTD -  How to Enter Players into a Tournament

11:45-11:55a: Video 4 – WinTD – Basic Tips and Tricks

Lunch 12:00p-1:00p

TD Session 2

1:00-1:15p: Welcome / Introductions

1:00-1:30p: Advanced Pairings – David Hater

1:30-2:00p: Advanced Prize Distributions – Dave Hater / Scott Parker

2:30-3:00p: Complex Floor calls / situations – Dave Hater

Break 3:00p-3:15p

Practical: Trainers: Fun Fong, David Hater, Suhasini Sundar

Class rotates performing actual functions every 30 minutes

3:15-3:45p Scenario 1: Set up Tournament -

Create tourney, 2) Import file, 3) Create Sections 4) error checking

3:45p-4:15p Scenario 2: Scholastic Tournament

Inputting Results

Merge Sections

4:15-4:45p Scenario 3: Open Tournament

4:45p-5:15p Scenario 4: Team Tournament

5:15-5:30 Summary

5:30 pm - End Program

Suhasini Sundar and Fun Fong
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