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Invitational Girls Championship 2018

  • June 02, 2018
  • 10:00 AM
  • June 03, 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Glenn Center 4178 Snapfinger Woods Dr. Decatur GA

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Invitational Girls Championship 2018

Glenn Center 4178 Snapfinger Woods Dr. Decatur GA


We will contact all invitees separately by email which will include the code for registering online.  Those who have a peak rating that meets the requirements may not be on the list, please contact  if this is the case. 

Invitation List:

 Place        Player Name                   Rate             Grade

1                Saithanusri Avirneni     1982            12

2                Ingrid Guo                      1787            8

3                Samhitha Dasari            1675            12

4                Evelyn Qiao                   1534            2

5                Vaishnavi Tammali        1493            6

6                Srihitha Dasari               1484            8

7                Maya J Dickson              1475            8

8                Katie Kay Hill                  1444            6

9                Brahmani Tammali        1423            8

10              Zoe A Justice                  1418            8

11              Khyathi Chava               1391            10

12              Aafreen Anjum               1362            9

13              Keerthi Bhogapathi       1307            4

14              Varsha Sayana              1270            6

15                Sofia Khemani               1270            9

16              Kavya Bhogapathi         1176            6

17              Vaishnavi Vuyyuru       1144            9

18              Gabriella Slezinger        1128            5

19              Christian Mae Hable     1076            6

20              Haley A Long                  1023            5

21              Olivia Resnick                1018            5


2-day event, 5-SS, G/90; d5, USCF rated

3 rounds held on Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm – 6 pm and 2 rounds on Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm


AWARDS: Each participant will receive a plaque if you register by May 30th, 2018


BYES: One bye is allowed.  ½ point bye is available in Rounds 1-4. Zero point bye available in Round 5. Bye must be requested in advance of 1st round before pairings posted (by 9:30am). No changes.


Requirements: You must have a current USCF membership and GCA membership and meet the ratings requirement.  If your rating meets the minimum requirements after the USCF May 2018 published rating or if you have not been contacted by email you may email to be invited.  You must do this by the registration deadline and you must reach the minimum rating by the deadline.  Participants may be required to submit a complete and legible score sheet for game played


Entry Fee: $35.00


NOTE: GCA memberships and USCF memberships represent additional cost, and must be purchased in advance if necessary. USCF membership can be purchased via our website-


Registration: Online at  If you are eligible and your name is on this list you may registerIf you are ineligible and you register we will cancel your registration.   You must register no later than Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 to receive a plaque. Late registration (not eligible for plaques) will be open Thursday, May 31st. If needing to cancel, please communicate this information ASAP, by emailing and preferably by the above date. Cancellations made by 8:00 am tournament day receive a partial refund of $15 (we keep $15 for the plaque fee). Plaques are only given to players if they play in the tournament.


Tie-break Systems


1. Head-to-Head if applicable

2. Modified Median

3. Solkoff

4. Cumulative

5. Cumulative of Opposition

6. Coin Toss

Players should be at tournament site by 9:30am on Saturday.



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