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National Chess Day- Call of Chess (Cluster Team tournament)

  • October 15, 2017
  • North Atlanta High School, 4111 Northside Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30327

*This is not a GCA event. Please contact the organizer to register for this event.*


1ST Annual

National Chess Day

Call of Chess: Modern Boardfare

Cluster team tournament

Sunday, October 15


North Atlanta High School

4111 Northside Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30327


Open to any player grade 12 and below - 200 player cap.


4SS, G/30/d5

Round Times:  10:0011:301:00, and 2:30


Your Mission:   Intercept and defend against the enemy patrol headed your way.  Consult with your Commanders (King, Queen), plan with your Majors and Lieutenants (Knights, Rooks) get your Special Forces into the field (Pawns) and go with the prayers of your Chaplain (Bishop).  


What’s a Cluster team you ask?  Quite simply, it’s a team where all of the members attend schools that feed into each other (ES-> MS-> HS).  For example, in Atlanta Public Schools the North Atlanta cluster is as follows: Morris Brandon, Bolton, Garden Hills, Jackson, E. Rivers and Sarah Smith ES all of which all feed into Sutton MS which feeds into North Atlanta HS.  Since most private school are K – 12, you would register as normal.  Homeschool students can participate only as individuals.  This event is to encourage teams to reach back to the middle and elementary schools for competition team members in an effort to keep the community connected.  You do not have to be members of the same organized club to play as a team, but it sure is more fun that way! 


3 Battalions: USCF membership required: Under 600, Under 1000 and Premier for players rated 1000 and above. Players may play up one section if ever within 100 points of the section. New and unrated players wishing to get a rating should play in the Under 600 section.  Boards will be provided – clock are optional.


Enlistment Fee: $30 Advance enlistment only. Payments should be received by 2359 (11:59PMSaturday, October 14.  Limit of one ½ point bye available in any round and must be requested at enlistment. No changes after 2200 (9PMOct. 14.


Enlist online at: Call of Chess: Modern Boardfare *No onsite enlistment available* Current USCF ID#/Exp. date required to be placed in a patrol for Rd. 1.  To be honorably discharged, send an email  by 9PM Oct 14 for refund. There will be a $5 processing fee.

Individual trophies will be awarded to the top player of each section independent of possible team affiliation.  Three team trophies will be awarded to the teams with the most points based on 5 players combined, in the 3 rated sections.  Points are earned by 1 for each point in the Under 600 Section, 1.5 for each point in the Under 1000 Section and 2 for each point in the Premier Section. Teams must have a minimum of 3 (to include one ES, MS and HS) players to be eligible for a Team Trophy.   Possible cash prize to 1st place team in addition to trophy.


Chow will be available.


** This is our home base and we would appreciate your assistance in keeping it clean. As such, this will be a Leave No Trace Event.  In a nutshell, that means at the end of the event we should never know that a tournament was held.  Please police your space and dispose of trash and clean up spills.


**Be a good steward of the environment.  Carpool/rideshare where possible.


Information: or call Vernetta Head 404-754-7191.


**Be a good steward of the environment.  Carpool/rideshare where possible.



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